Are you overwhelmed by your filter service?

We’ve all experienced the store-room filling avalanche that comes with an annual filter delivery contract. Just unloading the truck wrecks your whole day. What if we could break that truck up into manageable deliveries, so your filters could actually get changed when scheduled, instead of being contiunally back-burnered? It’s time to change the way you manage your filter contract, it’s time for Filter Logix.


1. Set your delivery schedule

Filter schedule is the new easy way to let your employees to change filters monthly, bi-weekly or every other Thursday. It also will be able to add to your calendar and the person changing the filters.

2. Get right filters delivered per unit

This outlook is a great addition for your employees while changing filters. They are now able to have all the filters for each AHU or RTU in the same container. Rather than going through all the filters to find the precise ones for that one AHU.

3. Schedule a group of filter changes into your day, instead of dealing with a truckload

Now having the filters sent on specific days for one or two units. This will allow you to not waste a whole day of unloading filter boxes and then finding time to change filters. It will let you as the customer to set time off in the day for this specific job.