Are you ready for a career that offers on the job training, class time, and experience needed to develop advanced and specialized skills for long term job stability? A Storer Services HVAC Technician works in critical facilities, troubleshoots mechanical problems on large pieces of equipment, and works with the latest HVAC technology.


Are you ready for a career that offers on-the-job training, class time, and experience needed to develop advanced and specialized skills for long-term job stability? A Storer Services HVAC Technician works in critical facilities, troubleshoots mechanical problems on large pieces of equipment, and works with the latest HVAC technology.

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Technician​​

Higher Earning Potential

  • According to the #1 job site in the US, Zip Recruiter, a Louisiana HVAC Journeyman, earns more than $66,560 per year, and the average college graduate earns $47,000 per year.
  • Recent data from US News shows that college graduates’ average student loan debt is more than $30,000.
  • As an apprentice with Storer Services, our technicians have ZERO tuition debt and receive annual pay increases as they advance through our training program.
  • Our technicians often take advantage of advancing their careers with additional specialized training and becoming experts on sophisticated HVAC equipment.

Job Stability

  • There is an ever-growing demand for qualified HVAC technicians across the United States.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the need for HVAC technicians is expected to increase by 15% over the next eight years.
  • Technology is constantly evolving, and our technicians stay up to date with learning new skills to meet the growing demands in the HVAC industry while maintaining their skills of working on aging equipment.
  • Career Explorer estimates that the US will need 55,000 additional HVAC technicians over the next ten years. This number accounts for 6,700 existing technicians retiring and 48,800 new technicians entering the trade.
  • As the next generation of aspiring technicians enters the HVAC field, they have a leg up with a solid understanding of electronics, networks associated with modern technology, and the importance of mining data.
  • As new HVAC technologies become more and more sophisticated, technicians become more valuable for their field experience and specialized HVAC training.
  • While HVAC technology remains on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, HVAC technicians will continue to be in high demand because of their ability to assess situations, work on specialized equipment and determine the proper course of action for each job.

Opportunity for Advancement

  • Because of Storer Services expanded territory and specialty services, our technicians have the opportunity to work and live in various locations across Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.
  • Receive extensive on-the-job training to provide you with the knowledge and experience to help you advance your career as far as you want to grow.
  • Our highly skilled industry experts teach how to work on complex aging HVAC equipment while learning about new cutting-edge technological developments in HVAC.
  • At the end of the Storer Services five-year HVAC Apprenticeship training program, you will be ready to obtain your HVAC NCCER certified journeyman license.

Camaraderie with Co-workers

  • As a Storer Services Apprentice, you will be part of a team that receives extensive on-the-job training along with attending classes weekly.
  • All of our team members work together to develop solutions for the most complex and challenging projects. Plus, learn from some of the top experts in the industry.
  • Our work family of over 100 team members includes engineers, estimators, salespeople, accounting, HR professionals, and support staff that bring 1471 years of experience.
  • To ensure you receive the HVAC training you need to succeed, we limit our class sizes and partner each apprentice with one of our 58 highly- experienced technicians.
  • We value the talent of all US veterans, and they represent 18% of our team.

Evolving, High-Growth Industry

  • The HVAC industry has been at the forefront of technology for over a century, with no signs of slowing down. We have embraced the advancements in our industry and continue to look for new opportunities to provide better services for our customers.
  • Today’s complex HVAC systems and their components require technically skilled technicians who can adapt to a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape.
  • As our industry evolves with new technology, we provide ongoing training to expand our team members’ knowledge base.
  • Our technicians learn how to build and work on new systems, plus maintain and rebuild aging equipment.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed how the HVAC industry operates and uses data. Storer Services utilizes this data to give our customers relevant information about their equipment.

Choice benefits

  • Professional uniforms and tools
  • Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • Generous paid time off
  • Incentive pay on top of base pay
  • Company truck (2nd year in apprenticeship program)


Meet Rocky

About Rocky

Rocky graduated from High School and attended a local community college before he started a part time job that lead to a full time management position in clothing retail. Just like many others when COVID hit, Rocky found himself unemployed. With more than 10 years of retail management experience and unsure of his future he decided to change his career path. Rocky wanted to learn something new and have a career that would last a lifetime. A friend told Rocky about Storer Services and the opportunities of becoming an HVAC Technician. Rocky is pursuing his new career choice dedicating himself to learning and working hard toward his new goal of becoming an HVAC Technician.

Endless Possibilities

Now two years into his apprenticeship program, Rocky is gaining hands on experience and classroom training from some of the top Skilled Trade HVAC Technicians in the industry. He is learning how to troubleshoot mechanical problems on large pieces of equipment and work with the latest HVAC technology.

Earn While You Learn

Rocky is now earning a living wage while completing the Storer Services NCCER apprenticeship program. His work tools, uniforms, classroom materials, and tuition are free.

Meet Hunter

Meet Hunter

About Hunter

Hunter joined our team as a part time runner in high school. After graduation, he started working full time and gaining hands on experience with our senior technicians in the field. It didn’t take Hunter long before he realized the career opportunities available in the commercial and industrial HVAC industry. Hunter learned he enjoyed working on large equipment in a variety of commercial and industrial settings throughout the Arklatex.

Endless Possibilities

Hunter’s drive and determination to learn have created multiple opportunities for him. In the past nine years, Hunter worked his way from runner to Senior HVAC Service Technician. In the fall of 2021, Hunter applied for an in house Sales Estimator and was selected to fill the position. In his new role, Hunter is able to apply his field expertise to and continue learning and growing with Storer Services.

Meet Hunter

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The Best Career You Never Heard Of

$ 1

A technician with 5 years commercial and/or industrial experience makes at least $66,560 a year.

HVAC Technicians Are In High Demand

There is a shortage of
  • 80,000 HVAC techs today.
  • 180,000 HVAC techs projected by 2025.
Meaning today in 2022, there are 80,000 HVAC open positions with no one to fill them.

Put yourself on the path to success

Apprenticeship classes begin in September and run through May each year. Applications are accepted year round. The interview and hiring period for new apprentices starts in March of each year.