The Building Blocks of Connected Building Services

What are the options?

Reactive Support

Responsive support when you need it by phone of email. This service is free for 90 days to call with questions and issues. Additional elements can be combined into the solution that best fits your needs.

Proactive Monitoring

Our team will remotely check up on your system multiple times a week and alert you to any issues we find, handling them remotely when possible.

Storer Energy Report

What is measured can be managed. We use an energy management application designed for commercial properties so you can know your energy consumption trend and compare it to other similar buildings in the area.

System Management

Our team will actively manage the controls system, allowing your onsite personnel to focus on maintenance and improvements.


A powerful data analysis engine that records every point in your system, allowing for retroactive trouble-shooting. This gives you a way to find the cause of the problem for a system or equipment failure.

Report Cards

Identifies which pieces of equipment are energy wasters and complaint generators. This process can analyze 1,000 pieces of equipment, saving coutless hours in looking for leaky valves and faulty dampers.

Offsite Hosting

We can host your frontend or historical data on our remote server, giving your IT department one less thing to worry about. Your data is kept safe and secure allowing you more space on your internal server.

JACE and Server Warranties

Parts and labor warranties, including controller backup and reloading, minimizing downtime and ensuring minimal data loss.

Selecting the right fit for your application.

Every building is different, and we’ve structured Connected Building Services to scale to meet your needs.  Whatever you choose, you’ll have access to our team of a Networking Guru, Professional Engineer, Energy Manager, and Expert Programmers to help solve your control issues.