Comfort Control

Monitoring variance easily

Color-coded floorplan tags tell you how far a room temperature is from setpoint in a quick and easy-to-read scheme. If it’s green, they’re happy. If it’s red or blue, there may be an issue to investigate.

Humidity Control

Monitor and Mitigate

We have the expertise and experience to implement a humidity control sequence if you have the right equipment, and our solutions group can help you get the correct equipment if you don’t have it. A dehumidification sequence will run when the humidity reaches an upper limit, keeping mold and dampness out of your space.

Scheduling and Setbacks

Run your system less when nobody is around

Our integrated system makes it easy to set schedules for your whole building or campus on one screen. No more logging in to 15 different controllers or walking around to different manual timeclocks. Schedules are easy to update, and special events allow for easy programming for exceptions. “Set-back” lets your building control temperature less aggressively when it is unoccupied, saving equipment run time and saving dollars in energy cost.

Logging Critical Points

``A DVR for your building``

TrendView records every point in your building on a set interval and makes it easy to create graphs and charts to compare data. Need to know which chiller was running one night two months ago? Not a problem! Indispensable for diagnosing recurring issues and tracking control of critical variables, TrendView keeps a constant eye on your building.

Trouble Notification

Alarms how you want them

When something is going wrong in your system, you’re probably not going to be looking at it. Email and Text alarms ensure that you know about irregularities or failures in critical systems before you start getting calls from angry tenants. Our sophisticated alarm algorithms can see trouble before it becomes an emergency.

Override Awareness

Clean and Intuitive

On the Graphical User Interface, we display every overridden point in  the system, and which user made the change. We know that sometimes it’s necessary to take elements out of Building Control, but we make it apparent what’s “in hand” so you can get everything back under control quickly and not leave a fan running on accident, only to notice it 3 months later. We can also email alarms when critical equipment goes into local override, or is running when the system is telling it not to.

Fault Prediction

Leveraging Data to extend life and find problems

We can continuously record data on every point in your system, and then use report cards to leverage that data and quickly interpret what’s going on in complex systems or a large number of units. Units are graded for comfort, efficiency, and ventilation, making it easy to find the 12 worst VAVs in a facility of 400. They aqlso serve as continuous inspections for Air-Cooled Chillers and RTUs, monitoring compressor starts and critical temperatures to help find problems before they become failures.

Remote Access

Check on your system from anywhere

Depending on your network capabilities, we can make your system accessible from anywhere you may need to see it, including smartphone and tablet access. This has proven extremely useful for sites with weekend activities but not weekend maintenance staff, and we’ve saved building operators countless trips to change a setpoint or tweak a schedule.

Remote Programming

Changing code without being on-site

If your system needs a programming tweak or a graphic update, we can make those changes from our Control Center in our office. This means that many times we can have the problem solved or the graphic fixed while we’re still on the phone with you. No more waiting weeks for someone to drive in from another town, and no more paying for drive time and travel charges.

How do you get help?

Our team is ready and available

With Connected Building Services, help is always a phone call or email away, and with remote access, we can have your problems solved within minutes. We want you to love your controls system, so if you need changes, we make them as quickly and efficiently as possible and free you up to work on more important things.


Multiple proprietary controls systems in one log-in

A Niagara system can bring data from different control manufacturers and even different building systems into a unified front-end. We have installed controls in building expansion projects and brought the preexisting system into the new front-end. We’ve also tied controls from 8 different proprietary systems together into a single login, easing the burden on the maintenance team for campus management and scheduling.

Do you have an Access Control, Lighting, or other Building System? We can talk to those, too, and bring them all to the same interface.

Niagara framework

The non-proprietary software option

Niagara from Tridium is a framework that can understand and interpret multiple Building Automation Protocols. This means that if you wanted to slowly change out unit controllers with a different manufacturer’s over time, you could! You can even call a different controls company to make changes to your system if you aren’t happy with our service. Building Controls are now an open market, and we are striving to be the best in the business, proving our value instead of locking you in with a proprietary system.


Making sense of your energy meters

EnergyLogix makes sense of your Energy Meter data and compares performance to an established baseline. Live data from an energy meter is extremely powerful for diagnosing consumption issues and finding which chiller is running at midnight.