Does your Chiller need CPR? 

A Chiller Protection and Restoration can be life saving to your chiller. In today’s economy, building owners are challenged

each day to do more with less money. There is always someone over your shoulder watching how every dime is spent.

Financial justifications are now a requirement for HVAC and maintenance staff. It doesn’t matter if you run one building with a single chiller or a

large multi-campus with a several chillers or a entire physical plant. Every expense has to be justified and accounted for.

Storer believes in giving a older chiller a new lease on life. Our “CPR” program provides the proactive measures, giving you realiable operations and

minimizes your financial risk. Our CPR is much more than just a chiller overhaul.


Why restore a chiller? Chiller Run Hours * Chiller Starts * Seasons of Operation * Compressor Failure * Lower Risk of Downtime


One of our factory trainined technicians will complete a detailed equipment evaluation including the age and operating hours of the equipment.

Down time can be very costly to a business owner. We plan the restoration with minimal disruption to your facility. Once the restoration is started,

we install a remanufactured compressor. The gaskets, seals, and safety controls are replaced during the downtime. Storer technicians make needed

upgrades or improvement to components per your request. Once the unit is started, anyalytical services are provided on the oil and refrigerant samples.

We want to ensure your equipment is operating at it’s peak performance with many years of operation guarranted.


Guaranteed! Yes, Storer Services guarantees your Chiller Protection and Restoration for 3 to 5 years, based on the plan chosen.

We know our CPR will revive your chiller. Contact your Account Manager or simply give us a call for any Chiller service or repair you may need.