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Storer Services is committed to the safety and health of our team members, improving productivity through a healthier workforce, and reducing injuries and illnesses. We strive to provide our team members with the safest possible work environment and the knowledge necessary to safely carry out their job duties. Storer’s safety efforts are ongoing and focus on continuous improvement. Working safely is a responsibility shared by all team members. By working together we ensure our safety policies and procedures are enforced.


Storer Services’ safety culture focuses on training and safe work practices. We have a full-time health, safety, and environment director actively bringing safety to the forefront of operations through a behavioral-based model utilizing field visits, job hazards analysis and reinforced reeducation. The Storer Services safety committee meets monthly and after each incident and accident to mitigate risk and identify process improvements. We emphasize the importance of everyone having a voice and stop work authority.

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