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Safety photo practices Storer Services


Safety photo practices Storer Services

At Storer Services, our team works together to create an environment where everyone works safely; communicates safety issues without fear of repercussions; evaluates incidents and injuries to learn from our mistakes; and analyzes risks in the day-to-day challenges of our work to keep safety in the forefront of our minds. Each employee has the authority and responsibility to Stop Work anytime a situation appears unsafe, is unsafe or warrants further discussion or planning prior to proceeding with the work. Our number one priority is making sure we perform work safely each day so that we all go home to our families each night.


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We have a full-time Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Director. The HSE director delivers our recurring annual training, performs site safety visits, uses behavioral-based safety to reinforce safe work practices and leads our safety committee. The safety committee meets monthly and within 24 hours of a safety incident, accident or near miss. The committee is comprised of the HSE Director, one Operational Department Manager and field representatives from each of our service areas. All of our Operational Department Managers and field personnel rotate onto the safety committee for a period of time to ensure we cover all concerns. The safety committee reviews safety policies and practices, conducts risk analysis on incidents, reports incident findings to all field personnel, makes recommendations for policy improvements based on their risk analysis and makes suggestions for improvements regarding safety issues.

Brian - Safety photo practices Storer Services

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