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Monroe, LA
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Problem: Storer Services received a work order to evaluate the operation of air-conditioning units in the rest area bathrooms which were not cooling properly. The air-conditioning units are an Addison 12.5 ton split system with a heat pump and a RenewAire energy recovery ventilator.

Solution: The initial inspection identified several issues. The software and hardware which are required to interface with the Addison system were not interfacing as intended. An energy recovery ventilator fan was not operating because the outside air inlet screen was full of dust, dirt, and debris. Refrigerant leaks were identified and repaired; defective parts were replaced, including the condenser fan motor. The refrigerant charges on the units have been adjusted and tuned. Our technicians immediately corrected all of the issues. Plus, our technicians initiated a follow-up service when the weather turned colder to accommodate proper heating set points and make any additional adjustments.

Legacy: Upon completion of services, the units are back in operation and are now cooling and heating adequately, and the ambient humidity is significantly lower. The facilities manager commented that the system had never worked as well as it did after we provided service.