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Nacogdoches Medical Center- Texas

Nacogdoches Medical Center- Texas

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Nacogdoches Medical Center
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Problem: Nacogdoches Medical Center was going through an inspection and discovered they needed a dry-oven and throat liner tile replacement on a 43-horsepower boiler.

Solution: Storer Services was able to quickly replace the dry-oven and throat liner tile. This job usually takes 3 days and we were able to complete the job in 2 days. Our quick response and turnaround time allowed them to complete their inspection and get their boilers working again.

Legacy: Nacogdoches Medical Center was a former customer that we have not done work for in several years. We won the job bid based on our previous relationship. While completing the job duties the client had a second boiler fail. We have now added a second job and we are back servicing their boilers. Storer exceeded the client’s expectations on the quality of work and completing the job in 2 days.