Morris & Dickson

Morris & Dickson

IN Controls, Monitoring
Client Name:
Morris & Dickson
Project Started:
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Year: 2016 – Present

Services Purchased

– New Niagara N4 Control System

– Measurement and Verification System

– Preventive Maintenance Agreement on all HVAC Equipment

– Connected Building Services Agreement for Controls and M&V Systems



Morris and Dickson (M&D) were expanding their existing warehouse space.  The expansion plan included adding 11 new roof top units and replacing half of their 50 existing roof top units. During the replacement, they needed to upgrade their Johnson Controls system and add a NIST-traceable validated temperature and humidity sensors throughout the warehouse.  Storer Services was selected as the controls provider for M&D after an extensive selection process including interviews by the consulting engineer, M&D, and General Contractor to discuss their specific needs for this project.



  • Storer Services partnered with Sonicu; a wireless validated temperature and humidity sensor manufacturer. This system communicates to an offsite server via cellular communication and to the Niagara system via Modbus TCP for trending and alarming.
  • HVAC Integration included of legacy JCI N2 controllers throughout the space controlling existing RTU’s and other equipment.
  • Installation and integration of Bacnet 34 new RTU’s via MSTP.
  • Integration of two new Liebert computer room AC units via Bacnet MSTP.
  • Integration of new low temperature cooler units Bacnet/IP.

By integrating all of these manufacturers utilizing 5 different protocols; Storer was able to deliver a single integrated user interface with 3D graphics, alarming, trending, scheduling and be user friendly.


Major Challenges:

  • Finding and installing a NIST-traceable validated temperature and humidity system that would communicate with Niagara.
  • Making sure all ISO/IEC 17025 standards to ensure cGMP compliance measurements were met.
  • Integrating 5 different network drivers to a common user interface
  • Installing and programming the new system in a working warehouse



  • Upon completion of the construction project, Morris and Dickson entered into a Connected Building Services and Preventative Maintenance agreement. Through the Connected Building Services agreement, we proactively monitor all HVAC units and Sonicu Sensors so we can react to temperature changes as they occur.  When a temperature or humidity deviation is detected, our remote access allows us to troubleshoot the issue and contact Morris and Dickson for resolution or dispatch a Technician to resolve.  Our HVAC preventative maintenance program is specifically tailored to the needs of Morris and Dickson and works in unison with the Connected Building Services agreement.  Tradition preventative maintenance (Quarterly inspection and cleaning) coupled with the use BLX Report Cards and BLX Trend View allows us to trend temperatures, voltages, and stages of all equipment.  When this data is viewed over time, it allows us to predict failure before it occurs.  A true preventative maintenance program.


Storer Services Individual Responsible for the Project:


Keith Thompson – Project Manager

Jason Crigger – Programmer

Andy Storer – Account Manager



Owner Contact Info:


Paul Dickson, Jr. – Owner


Scott Irelan – Production Manager