Christus Trinity Mother Frances

Christus Trinity Mother Frances

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Christus Trinity Mother Frances
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Tyler, Texas
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Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas had Operating Rooms without humidity and pressure readings in the space. The age of the existing Trane Tracer System was a concern due to the age of the controllers, parts availability, and support from the manufacturer. With the new government requirements in Operating Room Conditions, having the ability to monitor and record these conditions in a timely/efficient manner is critical in reducing the hospital’s liability due to infections.



Storer Services installed a Building Logix Web Based DDC control system. Building Logix is a truly open communication system that allows integration and intercommunication of HVAC equipment provided by multiple manufacturers, as well as other building systems such as security and lighting. The primary advantage of Building Logix over other control systems you may be considering is that it does not leave you “locked in” to one manufacturer because of proprietary communication protocols or programming tools. This not only gives the customer flexibility in selecting a service provider for their system, it also enables them to plan for future additions or expansions of the system without worrying about the increased price that typically comes with an imbedded control system manufacturer.



After installing the controller, actuators and balancing the dampers, Storer will now be able to setback the control system to an unoccupied mode. This mode turns each operating room from the required 20 air changes to 5 air changes without compromising the required humidity and temperature set points. Continual ongoing partnership of monitoring and supporting CTMF with future changes and control service needs.