Caddo Parish School Board

Caddo Parish School Board

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Caddo Parish School Board
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Caddo Parish School Board
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Caddo Parish School Board contacted Storer Services in the fall of 2016 to perform a Stop Inspection on a 1984 Cleaver Brooks boiler. During this inspection we discovered that the inner door was in need of repair due to age and wear. We also found that a 3-way chilled water control valve was not functioning properly which resulted in chilled water entering into the water side of the boiler causing rust to build up on the outside fire tubes. These issues prevented CPSB from putting this boiler in service for the upcoming heating season.



We were able to make necessary repairs to the 3-way chilled water control valve. We also rebuilt the inner door, reinsulated, brushed all fire tubes on boiler, set combustion, checked for leaks and returned to service according to the EPA guidelines for emissions.



This repair allowed CPSB to continue with fall classes without disruption due to no heat. It also prevented an emergency call for capital funds to replace the boiler on short notice and gives Capital Projects time to plan and budget for future replacement.

“Storer Services responded quickly and was able to make necessary repairs to the boiler at Byrd High School in time for our heating season.” Tommy Smith, Director of School Plant