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Hertz Investment Group

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Hertz Investment Group
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Lake Charles, LA
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The Hertz Investment Group contracted Storer Services in February of 2016 to perform a complete overhaul (CPR) on a 1981 Trane centrifugal “Sidewinder” chiller located in the Capital One building in Lake Charles, LA.  The age of the machine and the obsolete design made this project particularly challenging as many of the required parts are no longer manufactured.



Storer Services performed a complete tear down on chiller #3 and performed a full inspection of all crucial internal components. All gaskets, worn out internal seals and bearings were replaced during the overhaul. Also, we removed the head, brushed the condenser and evaporator tubes and replaced all filters. An Eddy Current test was conducted, the chiller was reassembled and a leak detection was done prior to start-up.  Finally, a vibration analysis was done in order to create a baseline for future reference prior to putting the chiller back in service.



By performing this complete overhaul (CPR), the life of the machine has been extended significantly and the Hertz Investment Group can now defer the replacement of this chiller to a much later date. Storer Services was able to find and resolve any pre-existing issues that may have been developing prior to the overhaul. Since the completion of this project in March of 2016, this chiller has been running with no issues.