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Northeast Texas Community College

Northeast Texas Community College

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Mount Pleasant, TX
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NTCC has been focused on maintaining their HVAC equipment so they get the maximum up-time, efficiency, and maximum life span.  To accomplish this, we have invested a significant amount of money into the proper repair of broken equipment, scheduling the conditioning of spaces to align with their usage and the proper preventative maintenance.  One of the easy measurements to track is the amount of energy they use and the amount they spend for that energy (demand charges have been significantly reduced because of proper scheduling).

Year –to-date (September 2018 – March 2019) the main campus has used 19% less electricity than it did during the same period last year.  This reduction has resulted in a savings of $34,843.69 over last year for the same period.  Looking over the past four year’s usage, we have used approximately half of what we will use during the entire fiscal year so I am projecting a savings of over $70,000 this year.

While proper preventive maintenance isn’t cheap, it pays.