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Northpark Apartments

Northpark Apartments

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Client Name:
Northpart Apartments
Project Started:
Nacogdoches, TX
About Project

The Problem: Northpark Apartments had (2) 20 year old air cooled chillers that had been neglected on annual service over the years.  Each chiller was becoming inefficient and not able to meet the desired capacity of the facility.  The piping configuration was a 2 pipe system so the changeover from the seasons involved manually changing 10 valves, located all over the campus.  Each Air Handling Unit had faulty valves and thermostats with limited control.

The Solution: Storer proposed replaced one 30 Ton chiller with a new 30 Ton Air cooled chiller and the other 30 Ton chiller with a new 50 Ton Air cooled chiller. This gave an additional 20 Tons of available capacity.  All plant piping was re-configuring to decrease the changeover time from chilled to hot water. An open non-propriety building automation system was installed and new chilled water valves were replaced at each air handling unit.  This gave tighter localized control for each apartment. Future projects involve replacement of each air handling unit and upgrade on the boiler.

These projects addressed the facilities comfort complaints while minimizing energy consumption and increased occupant satisfaction.